Sitemap - 2009 - Imagination Rabbit (Z)

Thoughts at years enD.

Thanks to my producers! ^_^ You!

M dot: the producer with no money needs yer help

Post first swordfight thoughts

Grind and move forward

Something! better than nothing ^ ^

Gamma: what it is?!

Teh SECRET of Japanese animation!

Pacing yourself...

A different strategy + notes

ErrorS keep them LoW+ notes

They can't all be heroeS

What film festivals and can do for YOU and ME

Knowing what you want....

After one month: Many many terabytes QuotA...

Mistakes make things great

This shit is easy ^ ^ it's all in the pre-pro

Production notes 10-21-09

3 weeks/ 10 minutes

Do you really want to be pwned by these guys?

Voices of HSM: Meet JP teh mophuCiN Genius ^ ^


To whomever created the HSM imdb entry

Starting to move...


In case you missed something HSM related

Twas the AO that was killing meh

Single threadING kills MEH

Lunch break thoughts

So it seems I need like ILM's render farm

Mdot: 22 Computers: 0

Final tech details before production and thankS

Notes of the ODD

The value of replaYabilitY

Passes..layers... revisions...

I'm pretty sure "WE" are winning ^ ^

THIS is how you make an AWESOME movie ^ ^ Dororo

Still tweakinG on...

Everything old is new again?!

Working out the buGS

We are the creators AND producers of the future.

CoDex Codecs...

I'm not THAT nice ^ ^

Slaves... start your engines!

oh SHET teh power of trillions?!?!?

Don't stop till its "there"

Work faster! Work Slower?!

Become ConsumeD


d00d got like Vue 8 big deal ^ ^

film making "experts" with no experience

Alright alright LINEAR is betteR

If I did mixed media today...

Sigh... No choice for "safety"

It's about madness

What do you want to be?

The power of procedurals

Landscapes, forests, mountains in C4D

Linear stuff

The rigging goes oN....

How much per minute for animated feature film?

Ninjas Samurais NinjaS

Kind of a shame...

Gotta enjoy the little things

Pixologic is flippin teh SCRIPT

Plugin drive over thank you everyone!

Old WATS stuff for saLE to raise money for plugins

Balancing the polygon budgeT

Why is everyone else complaining?

The reaL deaL

Concept art 2 point Ohhhhhh

64 bit 0_0

Finally decided on book

The home for solo animated feature films?

There's always a catcH

Not enough time in the day...

WHen your not satisfied improvise...

More thoughts on workflow

How serious?

Scene optimization--> Layout---> Lighting

You need 200 million for that? ^ ^

Exciting times for independent media MakeRRRs Thanks Youtube!

How is the strangest the most "popular"

Crowdsourcing = SPIRIT BOMB

You are simply a machine...nothing more.

And may the truth cause they END

Tutorial RequesTS

A different "reality"

Multidimensional MAYNE

One man army filmmaking causes MPD?!!?

Selective sensationalism?

When people like me switch to game engines?

When BoreD...get a hobby...or get another one.

They just actorS.

DESIGNED to waste your time.

This blog is iT.

Flip the script

I can haZ new skeeL

Ahh I love messing with these uptight 3d guys ^ ^

The need fer speeD

Technology in meh way!

M dot machine SUX

"Kakure-Oni" All kinds of awesome!

WhaT did I do?!?!

Coraline is Nice

Have meh shotList

Rule #1

Theres only so much you can do with SPD

School is for BLANK

Some picasso quote+ E_vilE

Bizarro WoRLD

The reverse bagpipes

Dropbox for online collaboration

Yogurt and teh movieS

Alive yeH

Life goes on

Making games....

What the digital cinema "theater" should bE