Sitemap - 2012 - Imagination Rabbit (Z)

Moon and Azure Shadow: Dark epic music from a talented young musician

Happy Horrordays from M dot Strange + FREE 1080p HORROR ^_^

The strange schedule

Yvette Horizon: Help fund my friends indie sci fi film

Better than any film festival award....

Thanks to the readers of my blog!

What is success?

The set for my new film is almost finished

Forever Alone Filmmaking podcast is SO ALONE+

Forever Alone Filmmaking Render farm options 2012

Strange design inspirations

Todd Solondz's awesome first film "Feelings"

You can't win em all- but you've still got to try

The New Human Condition

Making a cg animated feature film by yourself: Part 1

M dot's free auto lip sync tool for Cinema 4d

Cayenne Pepper and Cold Showers

Hot off the presses: Alternate cut of Heart String Marionette now available on DVD

My city building/environment workflow in Cinema 4d

Awesome Heart String Marionette inspired artwork!

New Screamerclauz short film "Affection"

Help the smallest animated feature film studio in the world! Kickstarter launched!

Forever alone filmmaking hardware recommendations November 2012

Notes on the next film

Art direction, concepts, looks

Handy Cinema 4d workflow plugin+ make your own gobo spotlights

Announcing the title and release date of my next animated feature film!

Catch the Heart String Marionette real world premiere in Canada this month!

How to create fisheye lens distortion in Cinema 4d

Attack of the made in one day 3d halloween animations!

M dot talks about Camera choices for narrative purposes in Cinema 4d

M dot shows you how he lights a moody scene in Cinema 4d

M dot's fake cloth dynamics tips with Cinema 4d

M dot's character animation helper scripts for Cinema 4d

When the status quo is totally fucked-why should you do what it tells you?

M dot's thoughts on 3d character rig setups

The virtual cast is set!

Dolls without a voice

How to rig and skin a jaw with CD Tools in Cinema 4d

How to use Zbrush created morphs in Cinema 4d

Request a video tutorial from animated filmmaker M dot Strange

Making facial morphs with Zbrush for use in Cinema 4d

Cinema 4d motion clip tips by M dot Strange

Some of my new facial animation workflow tools

Sharing some workflow stuff for my new film

Super fast character head creation with Zbrush and Cinema 4d

Addicted to filmmaking

So I'm making a new film- hoping to do this one FAST

Dot Strange T-Shirts for strange people

Leveraging procrastination to get more work done

The Monsanto's of multimedia

Getting rid of the preciousness

Moving forward any way you can!

Get on the clocK to get more work done

How to know which idea is the one?

You can't fail if you don't try right?

Stereograms, film, secret societies, and hooded figures.

New ideas be a growiN in 2012

Dying inside

Indie filmmaking doesn't have any steaM

A lil animation I did this week for tve

Forever Alone Filmmaking Future

Catching up with dot M

Script+Storyboards in one book for my new film!

The perfect coffee table book... for a crack house.

Playing it safe is dangerous- I like fiRE

Tyler Zambori: U mad bro?

Thanks you for your comments and support!

Severing my own strings?

Todd Solondz's DARK HORSE

The making of stories to be told on hoLD.

Connecting the Dots

Us indie film types need to release an indie bundle!

I need your help to translate the subtitles for my new film!

A new challenger appears!

Random notes 7-2-12

When the world just wants you to go away...

Can has publicist? + HSM Q & A podcast

Post HSM release notes +


BUY my new EVIL wind stealing film HEART STRING MARIONETTE!

Heart String Marionette (Try before buy version)

Attn torrent masters! Here's some files for you!

First 24 hours of my new film on sale- numbers

Youtube claims I don't own my own film!

Heart String Marionette is now available!

Always a workaround...

Technical Difficulties 0_o

My friend the Mocap director ^ ^

Start your game engines!

How to resolve/prevent last minute workflow problems

Important announcement about my new movie

Here is the plan for the HSM release

Low tech options for the best quality now

Talkin movies with people in 2012

Gearing up for the HSM release!


Singin for Satan

Trying too harD

The end of the era of selfishness?

Some ideas for after the release of the film...

Selling downloads of your film on your own part 10

Selling downloads of your film on your own part 9

Selling downloads of your film on your own part 8

Introducing M dot Strange the fine artist ^_^

Backup yer project files in the cloud for free

Selling downloads of your film on your own part 7

Selling downloads of your film on your own part 6

Selling downloads of your film on your own part 5

Selling downloads of your film on your own part 4

Selling downloads of your film on your own part 3

Heart String Marionette will be released June 15th

Selling digital downloads of your film on your own

Awesome looking trailer for "CYCLE"

Stacking (8.5 x 11) Paper

Forever Alone Filmmaking Podcast #9 w/Victor Bonacore

I'm writin movies- what do you want me to write about?

Forever Alone Filmmaking Podcast #8 w/Ricky Grove

Forever Alone Filmmaking Podcast #7 w/Dave4096

Whats a dot to do?

Food for thought

Forever Alone Filmmaking Podcast #6 w/Kial Natale

Forever Alone Filmmaking Podcast #5 w/Edgar Nielsen



Forever Alone Filmmaking Podcast #4 w/Emily Youcis


"Guru's" or procrastination enablers?

What do you want the Forever Alone Filmmaking podcast to be?

Forever Alone Filmmaking Podcast episode 3

Understanding the SCAM that is the film business

Your free digital backlot

How/when did "filmmaking" get so fucking boring?!

Ever felt like quitting?

Learn anything in 5 minutes! How bout NO!

Congrats to the IRON SKY team!

Disney goes 8-bit? How INNOVATIVE ^_^

Forever Alone Filmmaking Podcast w/M dot Strange and Jimmy ScreamerClauz


Seems I'm not alone in my hatred for Hollywood

Occupy your mind

The Powerless cycle

M dot's London presentation pt 2 (w/never seen before new film footage)

Sharing some of your workS

M dot Strange update 1/22/12

M dot Strange: Live in London