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I will always have a lot of respect for you and your work but have to say I find this stuff pretty disappointing to say the least. Don't really even get how you've ended up here, your work was never about 'edgy' 'shocking' gore or sexual content, or needing to call people 'faggot' or whatever!? :-/ Makes me sad to see you talking like this and supporting these dishonest and manipulative internet meme-propaganda trends

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Who controls the morality in the United States? Who tells everybody what's right and wrong?

In the 80s/90s it was arguably Evangelical Christians. The Jerry Falwell types. They had a lot of power in politics, and they spent a lot of time lecturing Americans on morality. They told everybody how to live. They said don't smoke pot, don't have premarital sex, go to church, etc. They judged people and a lot of people, myself included, resented them for that. Who is Jerry Falwell to tell me how to live my life?

Artists and musicians rebelled against this. They challenged those in power with their work.

But who controls morality in the United States today? In 2022?

Is it the Evangelical Christians?

Who lectures people on racism, sexism, privilege, xenophobia, homophobia, etc? Who tells people they need to feel guilty for their privilege? For their fragility? Who demonizes people by calling them Nazis and then advocates punching them? Who thinks their shit doesn't stink?

It's not the Evangelical Christians.

"The New Church Ladies" (Jim Goad book) have a lot of power. They're in academia. They're in media. They're high up in the hierarchy at multinational corporations. They're in politics.

And they use their moral superiority as a weapon against their enemies. The employ ad hominem attacks ("He supports so-and-so. Don't listen to him") to discredit and silence people. They leverage their corporate power to cancel people and ruin careers. They employ an "us or them" mob mentality to coerce independent thinkers and conscientious objectors into adopting their views.

They judge people and a lot of people, myself included, resent them for that. Who is Stephen Colbert to tell me how to live my life?

So who are artists and musicians to rebel against in 2022? The ghost of Jerry Falwell? Or these angry, blue-haired "woke" moralists who know what's best for everyone and will stop at NOTHING to evangelize converts?

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