Tales of a Nootropic hipster

I was using Nootropics before they were a thing maaaaaan

Back I was in college at the end of the 90’s I was reading books/newsletters by Leading edge research group and in their newsletters they advertised a supplement called “Brain Lightning”.

I took it and tested my progress with the Ps1 game Intelligent Qube- I’m not even joking haha.

In college I had motor learning and motor development classes where I learned how to test for things like reaction time- and when testing we learned how to account for score improvements due to practice and other factors.

I had been playing Intelligent Qube for some months- at the end of the game it gives you your score as an IQ Score- I know its not a real IQ test 😠

A man in a suit with a briefcase tested me alone on a Saturday at our closed elementary school when I was 6-7 years old for that.

So my Intelligent Qube scored had topped out after playing for some months so I decided to do an informal test with “Brain Lightning”. I took the Brain Lighting and played Intelligent Qube like I normally would and my scores saw a %20-30 increase 😮

So I was sold on Brain Lightning. I continued to take it.

It started to get really expensive and I was already taking a lot of other supplements so I then just bought the separate ingredients and took those.

I was taking that stuff daily for 10-15 years.

I stopped for awhile after traveling a ton and not having it with me.

Recently a friend asked me about “Nootropics” and I remembered the whole brain lightning thing I used to do- I bought all the separate ingredients again. Here they are-

I then realized I was a “nootropic” hipster because I was using nootropic’s before they were even a thing maaaaaaan.

If you need a mental “pick me up”, more alertness, better memory etc try this stuff. BUT BE CAREFUL WITH THE DMAE! It can make you feel kinda crazy 😳 By “crazy” I mean like OVERLY INTENSE. So if you try this and its too intense then drop the Dmae.

I got a lot of work done with help from this stuff- is that how I storyboard, animated and completed thousands and thousands of shots on my feature films back when it was on hard mode without a game engine? It sure didn’t hurt.