Surviving a dark age for the arts and the human soul

Steel yourself and build your resolve or be swept away

If you haven’t figured it out we are in a dark age-

Web 2.0 and mobile phones helped usher in this dark age that lacks freedom of speech, expression and in many cases and places- basic human rights.

Really think about what is going on in the world around you- these things will be discussed in 50 years- in 100 years from now in ways that people discuss the fall of Rome- the Gulags of the former Soviet Union today-

You are living through it- the cultural and economic madness is enough to make most everyone lives much more difficult NOT TO MENTION the life of an “artist”

I’m talking about original, innovative, counter-culture artists like myself- not mainstream pop culture artists or people sucking the Patreon teat and obeying their masters there lest their money tap get turned off.

That money can also be turned off at any time if you don’t obey the masters…. from within your very bank account or credit cards/paypal/venmo/etc

Ten years ago being an “indie” artist was on hard mode and in these times its on NIGHTMARE DIFFICULTY- shiiiiit life is starting to be played on nightmare difficulty mode as well.

When people are fighting for their lives and livelihoods they have no time for “art” and thats understandable.

So where does that leave us?

The film director Kiyoshi Kurosawa- director of many interesting films including “Cure” said something like this about a good horror movie-

…. for a horror movie to be good- at the climax of the film the hero needs to destroy himself or the world….

Destroying yourself doesn’t have to mean death- it can mean re-inventing yourself-

Re-inventing a version of yourself that can survive todays world- and tomorrows-

No one cares about us if they don’t own us and/or can’t milk/extract some type of currency from us.

Speaking of currency-

The only thing that has even a spec of true freedom in todays world is the world of cryptocurrency. If you haven’t tasted it you can’t understand it.

Ask an NFT artist how things are going today- they are KILLING IT-

Speaking of artists capitalizing on the NFT market- recently came across the amazing art of Mr. Misang in the CityDao discord- its REALLY good stuff

If you don’t get it- its probably because you haven’t bumped up against the walls that make up your cell so you don’t even know they are there…. but someday you will.

The answer is not to comply and comply more- that won’t get anyone in todays world anywhere good- it will just cause them to end up in a prison cell whether they realize it is one or not. *UNLESS you were born into the right family wherein complying can help you climb the ladder, but no- those people are not reading this.

If you are agreeing with the faces on your TV or the popular faces on your phone you are doomed to be doomed.

THEY do not care about you.

In times like this when most everyone around you has lost their mind and is stumbling toward the flames you have to let them go and preserve yourself IF you have something to live for.

This IS now a horror movie- re-invent yourself and partake in the only freedom we have left- cryptocurrency is destroying the old world- what will your place be in the new one?

You don’t want to be a casualty.

Learn to be an adversarial thinker and think. Agreeing and complying without understanding what you are signing up for will lead to a living hell you can never escape.

There is a way for you to survive and maybe even thrive.

In 2014 I left filmmaking and re-invented myself as a programmer/game developer- something I never thought I would be able to do. It opened up a whole other world of understanding to me that changed my life forever.

Steel yourself and build your resolve for what is to come. Re-invent yourself if its required to survive this dark age.

I am now on the team of a rabbit that lives in the realm of imagination and speaks in pantomime to me in my dreams.

Doesn’t seem so strange in todays world eh?