Conspiratorial Intelligence

A new type of intelligence that is required to navigate the post truth world

Most “authority” figures/organizations are lying to you all the time but these lies have been accepted as “truth” by most that lack a different type of intelligence-

“Conspiratorial intelligence”

I’ve seen so many brilliant people in the crypto space- opsec oriented people- adversarial thinkers that can call out a crypto scam a kilometer away fall for the biggest con game going on right now regarding human health and human freedom-

How can this be? They are clearly very intelligent using any of the various models of intelligence-

It is because they lack conspiratorial intelligence- they are probably well versed in history but totally ignorant when it comes to hidden history

These people look at “conspiracy theories” and laugh at them all, mocking the people who “believe” in them as some backward rednecks.

Of course within the conspiracy theory circles you need to use your other forms of intelligence to navigate through the bullshit and mental illness BUT you will find some truths that may save your life some day.

As Web 2.0 has turned the internet into a censored, ad infested web of “fact checked” bullshit and lies as official truth galore- you need this conspiratorial intelligence now more than ever.

When I was 16 I read “Behold a pale horse” by William Cooper and Matrix 1-4 by “Val Valerian” that was a good start for me in building my conspiratorial intelligence.

For more modern conspiracies check the excellent features here.

I mean, my connections to black triangle UFO’s, trauma based mind control and “aliens” also helped a little too.