Sitemap - 2021 - Imagination Rabbit (Z)

Let's storyboard anyway

Announcing our next interactive animated feature film [Do you know the way to nowhere?]

Conspiratorial Intelligence

Surviving a dark age for the arts and the human soul

The worlds first interactive animated feature film has been released

Nightmare Puppeteer is $0.99 and bursting with new features

The age of legacy films is over!

You have to learn to help yourself

Tales of a Nootropic hipster

M doll now has two completed soundtracks

On soul and spirit

The out-sourcing of human consciousness is complete

We are re-inventing animated feature film releases

If you use Unity, beware the new JUNK

I'm working on something interactive for the M doll release

The first M doll soundtrack is almost done- so release soon

The rise of the permission-less artist

Battle royale gamified governance

So yeh made an animated feature film in one week

Lets make a feature film with Nightmare Puppeteer in 2 weeks!

Redacted cast for the next film

PoolTogether for People

Pooltogether + Patreon? Pool funds to support artists and others. Permissionless no loss crowdfunding.

Just finished "writing" our next film in 5 minutes on a plane

Introducing Strangetoshi Nakamanly: Imagination Rabbits new creative director

Another film finished

Now working on the sound fx/design for M doll + I'm going back to making live action films too

Starting on the next film

Find what works for you and use it until the wheels fall off

The struggler will go on

Just a note on NFT's from 2019

The rise of the dumb attention economy

IDGAF Make your own movie poster

Imagination rabbit shareholder conference call 12-5-21

M doll is "in the can" as they say

Where should we bring M doll theatrical screenings to?

The imagination rabbit

In the future the most productive and creative independent "animators" and "filmmakers" will also be programmers

This is what a sword fight looks like...


Happiness in obscurity

Imagination Rabbit collaborates

I don't know what M doll means

Now posting on Substack as this place sucks 0_0

Hello with a human voice

M doll: The first animated feature film made in the Unity game engine


Words by Imagination Rabbit