Sitemap - 2010 - Imagination Rabbit (Z)

Years smear past like a train parallaxiNG fasT

The death of the wise_man

End of 2010 werDS and imageS

2010 Xmas scribbles from M doT

CompiNg through the new yeaR

Compositing progress at %50

Attack of the pinKU

Telling not showinG

GOing to do my best to make a "making of" art book for HSM

I LURVE AE + handy Ae scripts+ BLACK JACK

Progress 12/12

Secret messages from the past...

King of Nowhere

Sometimes the best things start out HORRIBLY

NerD NightmareS

WIKILEAKS: Truth:Light and Dark:FreedOm

These shots will devour your RAM

More comP notes...

Keep it simple Stupid?!?!

Post workflow adjustmentS

Tech probs some answers+codecs

More tech ProBS 0_o

The Piano HungerS


Change is required for Change

I really don't like Windows 7 : (

Comp noteS 11-28-10

It's coming together quite nicely...muahahahaaa

ComP Start COmp_WHA?!

Left Right Left Rights ^ ^

Survey results

MisC things I've learned on dis film+being a WHore on FACEBOOK

Letting the fruit ripeN

I gotta start moving that other progress bar--->

If only I was able to fix his dolls

Comp TWEAK Comp

Post miscellanii

I be CompiN sooN

Oh yeh my new 3d animation film school started?!

Free/Cheap Cinema 4d course in London!

5 days = 2 minutes of low poly 3d madness from meH

New M dot Strange album "AWARE_I_LIVE" 2010

Making a 3d animated music video in a weeK: Part 1

Wait... I'm modeling and animating AGAIN 0_o

HSM SurveY

Wise from yo GWAVE!

Professional tools - Amateur Ideas

This must be the best eh?

Speaking of indie 3d and mad skills ^ ^

The rising new super power of animation: FRANCE

How awesome is this!


Fx exports/fixing done+ notes

Undone fun from teh Past

More werk to doES

The next step after completing animation


ACTA: Final Boss of the Internet

If yer doing live action don't lie to yourself

Love your villainS

Keep it undercoveR

You can do more than you think you can these dayS

I haven't forgotten you ^_^

The Strange school of filmmaking cont'D

These plastic toys prove character ruleS

Flickering flame...

Being a professionaL......KILLER

Why I love Cinema 4d + Zbrush

Run from the truth! SEEK out disempowerment If that makes you feel better 0_o

To film festival or NOT...prolly NOT


Whats missing from most "indie" filmmakers? Teh HUSTLE

Aight then this it IT

DoT d000's and D000nt's

Does great desire = great work?

Page 74?!??!?!

M dot Strange Short "Film" PERMALINK

Essential free C4d add-ons for meH

Manga artists deserve more RESPECT

FlieS by too fast + +

Locking it up and breaking it dowN

Yer Legacy?

Thus Spoke Miyazaki

What u grindin on?

Sunday July 11, 2010


Poor manS massive grinD

Compressed and LIMITED

Things are heating uP

A different kind of life... living

Die old media DIE!

Many make Slow

The final showDOWN!

i R bacK

One thing you can't do too much of: BACKUP

M dot Strange film skool v2

In it for the long run...SPRINT TILL YOU PUKE! 0_o

Mocap + dynamics= zero animation skill? GI = zero lighting skill?

Need vs WANT - Time vs Money

The end is over there------------->

More tech thoughts...

When animating in 3d more tools = more time?

A story about grants... "films" and "Arts" organizations...

What is it all for? Life?

Fun FUn fuuuuuuu... ummm.... stuff

%65 done now

Do what feels right or DIE

Grind Grind Grind

Fawk teh tech don't be a whoRE

Crowd Control

Re:Music and dialogue + a good CHIP

The first music for HSM!


%50 done/2 hours of film- How did that happen?!

Anyone a Logic or Sibelius expert?


If your not down with the IRON SKY crew you should be!

A guD artist weirdo mantra


An idea about sharing teh one man army 3d knowledge....

Hmmm revolutions and magic happen because teh advertising says so?

THIS GUY IS AMAZING!!! Dr. Who Anime creatoR

"How to train your Dragon" easily pwns other mainstream 3d features + a rant

Comp Calculations looking uP

Its time to PWN and tech spider weBS

Past the halfway mark! ^ ^

Have I gone too far? Probably ^ ^ BOHACHI MADE ME DO IT!

Gotta keep hustliN

Once there's a formula its DED

I guess I'm supposed to focus ^ ^

KEN (1964) Mishima+Misumi+Raizo = Magick

There comes a time to throw down


Get LOST when you CAN

I'm down with Google... free fruit if you eat the seeds

Helpful 3d character animation e-books

What a great idea?! ^ ^ Hollywood studio to make $100,000 films

Tis who you know or who you BLOW to teh OScars we go!

Damage Over Time: A look into my workflow/workload in HSM +

Gundam Unicorn: Pure WIN mech anime

Filmmaker <----> Artist


My lil audio show will go on thanks to you!

What a STRANGE world?! 0_o

Teh give a weirdo rapper a voice donation drive ^ ^

Month END ranT Feb 2010

Teh original legendary one man army animator: Bill Plympton

Deep Focus

Apparently WE are not included in the "future of filmmaking"

Do what you fear ( in art ^_^ )

Some rant about making animated films + 0_o

Tech notes and stuff for Feb 010

The fear of FAIL

Where am I? Here I am? Where am I going?

Some new music madness "M" 2010

When will HUMAN creativity catch up with technology?

The fear of being forgotten

I like dis guy ScreamerClauz ^ ^

No studio.. NO PROBLEM ^ ^

I hope it doesn't come to this....

Beggars can't be...yeh...

The finished music/audio studio thanks to you!

Youtube Rentals/ Sundance

Teh behind the scenes photo album lives!

Excellent traditional Japanese 3d models: 3d Chaya

Notes before I jump back in....

Producer hat--- Uberector hat

The gears will be turning again soon...