Zero true fans

All you need is one whale

You can press a button/key to see the current owner of the M doll NFT + its token address while watching the film. It is also embedded in the film itself.

Some time in the 2000’s some dude who wrote for Wired magazine I believe?(is that still a thing?) said some stuff about an artist needs 1000 true fans to survive blah blah.

I guess that became true if an artist ended up on Patreon?

That’s never been a solution for me though- I refuse to bend to the will of the crowd to “give people what they want” instead I follow the lead of my imagination.

I don’t make pop culture films or political stuff as thats all temporal trash to be tossed into the waste bin of history.

So today I offer my new solution for artist funding.


If you aren’t familiar with the term “whale” as its used in a financial market sense, rest assured I’m not talking about seeking out a really REALLY fat person as your one and only patron.

A “whale” is a person who is ridiculously rich.

A crypto “whale” purchased Beeple’s thumbnail mosaic for $69 million usd earlier this year. Now that dude can retire and never have to work again. Ya see how that works? One whale just changed his life forever.

So yeh I’m talking about NFT’s- the whale doesn’t even have to like your work, they don’t have to be a fan or even like what you do.

Whales just love to flex and attain/acquire things other people cannot.

Make a one of a kind original piece of amazing art and exploit the NFT stuff as much as you can to make it appeal to a whale.

This is what I’ve done for M doll.

There is only one M doll NFT- it can be verified in the film and interactive experience itself to prove its validity. As long as the modern world exists anyone watching M doll can see who owns the NFT.

Will this appeal to a whale?

The first original animated feature film made in a game engine and also the first interactive film of its kind ever made + its a crazy awesome film too…..

We’re not selling it for any less than 100 million usd

So Zero True Fans- pander to NO ONE- make your original work, do innovative things, don’t censor yourself, take risks- create a single NFT for your work and do your best to throw out bait for the whales.

You may think I’m crazy for writing this- but we’ll see who is crazy once a whale snaps up the M doll Nft