You have to learn to help yourself

Waiting for help usually doesn't work out

Learning to program is the ultimate “learning to help yourself” in the digital world but the idea works in several parts of life.

At the base level- learning to read allows you to learn how to learn through reading about things.

Learning how to exercise and eat properly allows you to be healthier without waiting for a personal trainer and nutritionist to show you how.

For the M doll interactive release I’m replicating some dvd functionality like the ability to have multiple soundtracks for the film and switch through them while watching.

I built that system out and it worked fine BUT I ran into an issue where Unity cannot import long audio files. M doll is 2 hours long so I would need to import several 2 hour long audio files. Unity can’t do it- the audio importer runs out of memory.

I posted about it asking for help on the Audio/Video sub-forum on the Unity forum- after a few days there were no replies.

So I could either keep waiting and delay the project or scrap the idea entirely. Instead I created my own solution for it and posted it on my unanswered thread to help someone else in the future.

Just took about an hour to figure out- here is my solution

Waiting for help just isn’t my thing- I always ask for help if I get stuck and appreciate it and am thankful when I get it. But if I don’t get it I don’t just wait around or quit, I try to figure it out.

I’ve learned SO MANY of my various multimedia/art/etc skills by being like this.

If someone helps you, cool- if they don’t, you learn it yourself and now you don’t even need them anymore 😁

This is how you become a one person animated feature film/game/interactive/music/writing/coding etc studio like me.

You take situations where most people would become less motivated and disempowered and convert them into motivating and empowering situations.

You don’t take NO for an answer from your inner bitch that just wants you to give up and quit or be distracted- you tell it SHUTUP, WE’RE GOIN FOR A RIDE BITCH!