We are re-inventing animated feature film releases

Why the big studios with all their money and huge teams haven't done this yet comes down to laziness and lack of vision

This video does not display the BEST feature that has NEVER been seen before 😁

Here’s a hint- its VERY useful to be a filmmaker AND a game developer, because you can find a new way to fuse those two things together.

I’m working on this full time and hope to have it ready to go by the end of October. VERY excited about releasing this and hopefully pushing animated film releases into exciting new territory as film releases are pretty stale and boring.

Video games are trying to become crappy films with all the “story” focus in recent times and films are trying to stay relevant like with that AWFUL Black Mirror “interactive film” episode.

Let me show them how it’s done, SON 😁 I’m combining film + video games in a new way that is so awesome you are going to demand it from all animated films you like in the future.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, the future of animated film and ALL films is production using GAME ENGINES. Once you are producing using the game engine its is VERY easy to create the interactive film experience.

But whatever- if no one else does it, I don’t care- their releases will just pale in comparison to Imagination Rabbit’s as we move forward innovating and not stagnating.