The out-sourcing of human consciousness is complete

It is now trapped inside a small glowing rectangle

Well, mine isn’t.

I never accepted one into my life and allowed it to slowly become a part of my nervous system like everyone else. I rejected it.

I did NOT slowly transfer my consciousness into it. I did not allow it to become my conduit for social activity, physical activity, sexual activity, leisure activity and all other activities like most humans in “civilized” countries have.

It did not become my companion that makes me feel special and complete.

I did not allow it to rob me of my imagination or my patience.

Upon allowing a mobile device to take over parts of your mind, in effect out-sourcing a part of or all of your consciousness to the device and its various apps you have lost something.

What do you think it is that you have lost in this trade?

Because humans did lose something in this trade- something was present in people that is no longer there. Patience? Probably. Imagination? Most likely. Will power? Probably. Soul? Maybe? Consciousness? Definitely.

Creating self reflective works in a world of people who lack internal consciousness is not an intelligent business decision haha. If the algo’s in the device don’t like you, then you don’t exist.

I don’t exist so I can tell you how I really feel.

The algo’s in the device project the world and the consciousness that the controllers of the devices want perpetuated. In other words, mind control.

Peoples minds are so captured by the system they are doing totally insane things in the name of the device. In the name of the people on the screens. In the name of the false consensus generated by the device that reflects the will of those that control the system.

There is no self reflection because when you stare the glowing screen there is no reflection. The system shows you the you that you want to see, not the you in objective reality.

With such a system, the only things not under control are the ones outside of the system.

Millions, billions of mind control victims tapping away serving the device, serving the algo’s. The algo’s are king and queen makers, the peasants lacking their own internal consciousness fawn over the newly instantiated kings and queens who lead them to their doom for their own profit.

Mind control?! Ha ha- that must be a conspiracy theory?! Fuck this guy! He isn’t even rich and famous like person X, what does he know?

People don’t know what it means to be a friend anymore. They don’t know what it means to have integrity. They don’t know what it means to stand for something. They don’t know what it means to be a human being.

All they know is fear. They are afraid of A so they do B. They are afraid of X so they don’t do Y. They are afraid of what N will think of them talking to Z.

I’ve never wanted to be preachy as a creator. I prefer to speak through my works. I tried to warn people through my lyrics, through the things I’ve made. But very few if any listened.

I prefer to speak through my actions and over the years I’ve always shared my interests- things I was excited about. I was never a salesman. I was never paid to promote anything, anything I was excited about was a real thing.

I’m not new to the “conspiracy” thing. It started for me when I was 4 or 5 and non human entities pulled me out of my room at night and took me to a strange “school” where I was shown horrible scenes of people and things being destroyed.

But anyway, I’m never going to be preachy in my work.

As I watch people I know meet their doom when they didn’t have to. I wish they would have listened to me as I really do want to help people.

As soon as the phones took over peoples minds and bodies “friend” just became a word, it just became a metric, it just became a buzzword.

I could say the same for love, honor, passion, health, integrity and truth. They are now empty words fused together to create slogans for products, human and non-human.

Do you know any real humans anymore? Aren’t they all distracted androids worried about charging their devices? Trying to increase their metrics whatever they may be?

More followers, more fans, more connections, more-

Aren’t they all shunning their humanity because the people on the screens told them to? Its only temporary-

No one will ever get these years back- we never get any years back.

Fuck your phone, start living as a human- you might even feel alive a few times a week without a medication or an app to make you feel alive.

No one on that screen really cares about you. To them, you are just another metric- more data to be monetized.

Nothing worth anything in life is easy to do so start struggling as a human, it beats living another mediocre android drone “life”.