The age of legacy films is over!

In ten days the world's first interactive animated feature film will be here declaring every film that came before it "legacy"

TLDR: The film will be released on in 10 days. Legacy films rekt.

From this point on film’s will exist in two categories

  • Legacy, non-interactive films

  • Interactive films

From here forward we will no longer release legacy feature films as they will all be interactive.

Check some interactive film features here

If you enjoy our interactive experience I implore you to DEMAND non legacy films from your favorite film studios!

It is NOT FAIR to film fans to deprive them of such experiences- if a single developer/filmmaker like myself can do it a big studio with hundreds of employees and tens of millions of dollars can definitely do it.

* I’d be willing to consult with any studio FOR FREE to help them move away from legacy films if need be for the good of film

AND I will be releasing the code and tools I developed for interactive film releases on our Github page soon.

So since Steam decided to be a bitch-ass and ban M doll before we could even get the store page active because “crypto”- but whatever we don’t care.

Originally I had included a 4k version of the film that is 40gb with the executale but after talking to a friend he told me most people have 1920-ish resolution monitors and they don’t have gigabit internet connections.

So what I did was remove the film from the executable. Then I exported three different versions of the film

  • 720p version which is 5.9gb

  • 1080p version which is 9.9gb

  • 4k version which is 40gb

When you launch the “game” for the first time it checks to see if the video file is present, if its not it prompts you to download the version you want. Once the download is completed the game starts and it won’t prompt you again unless you remove the video file which you can do if you want to download a different version later.

*SURE IS HANDY being a programmer

So before we separated the game from the video the build on Steam was 46gb. Now that they are separate the game is only a 5gb download.

If you didn’t know I’ve had an page for some years as I posted several of my little game/visual novels/art projects on there.

I’ve always liked the freedom, speed and flexibility of The only reason I went to Steam was because “its the biggest game marketplace” and they have a pretty cool API with stuff like Workshop.

I value freedom, flexibility and speed over any features AND since we’re not in this for the money I’m HAPPY to be back publishing on The game will be a free download on there of course ^_^

Anyhow, spread the word about interactive films and demand your favorite studio stop being lazy and give you non-legacy films.

*Side note I released 4 hours of new original music for M doll this week