M doll now has two completed soundtracks

Yeltsin Is Illuminati has sent me the final piece of his soundtrack

Thats the Nuendo timeline for the 6th and final part of M doll.

Yeltsin Is Illuminati sent me the last piece of his soundtrack this morning and it is amazing 😲 He did a great job.

He didn’t make any typical decisions, its in no way a stereotypical soundtrack, he added another layer of abstraction, he added another level of interpretation.

For example- lets say there is an action scene in a film- a composer can create “actioney” music, a literal interpretation of the visuals OR the composer can FLIP SHIT and do something you would never expect and go WHAT?! but it works and makes the film even more interesting. He did a lot of that.

I completed the Sfx work a few months ago so when I receive a new piece of music I open the Nuendo project and add the music. I then usually remove some of the sound fx and ambience to make room for the music.

I’ve gotten through 9 of the 34 interactive scenes for the M doll Steam release in about 3 days.

I just ran into a major Unity limitation. In order to have multiple switchable soundtracks AND the ability to add new soundtracks at runtime I had to code my own dvd player like system.

In the system the video and audio files are loaded separately and synced through code.

Unity is unable to load and process the 2 hour audio files for the films soundtracks. It’s a limitation of Unity, it runs out of memory trying to import the audio file.

Everything else is working well. I’ve been working with one hour audio files to get things going as those can be imported.

Anyhow, tomorrow I need to write some kind of audio clip wrapper class that can hold multiple audio clips but play them back as if they were one.

I do enjoy programming but some times I just want to be creative and get things done. So I didn’t want to have to code this new thing BUT I have to if I want to release this interactive M doll release.

If I didn’t know how to code I’d have to ask someone to create this solution and wait for it to happen but when you know how to code you don’t have to wait for someone else. You just sit down and work out the problem and do it yourself.

It allows you to be the ultimate independent filmmaker 😁