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Dream eater: Creative Flex 2

Made a little vid using new NPuppeteer features with an unreleased verse

Just got back from vacation and added an AutoHeadBob and AutoDance for Actor1 in Nightmare Puppeteer(currently on test branch).

The song “Dream Eater” was released on this Dottir album a few years back- I had recorded a second verse but didn’t use it as Kool Skull did verse two on the released song.

So I took the unreleased verse- loaded it into Nightmare Puppeteer and made this video as a CREATIVE FLEX-

So I did the music, voice etc- also programmed the game that makes animations(Nightmare Puppeteer) that the music video was made in- also the background video was made using a custom Stable Diffusion model I trained using my original art.

It is a bit of a creative flex ^_^

Wouldn’t the internet be a better place if people flexed things like their creativity publicly instead of their wealth, bodyparts, guns etc?

Its sorta like how hiphop/rap started as a way to “battle” so people would stop literally killing each other and instead “killed” each other with rhymes- it worked for some time before evil soulless business fucks took control over it and yeh made it all about killing people, greed, etc- anyway-

I used to try and encourage other peoples creative dreams then I have realized more often than not I accidentally ate them.

So now I embrace my role as DREAM EATER.

If you’re a creative person and remain my “friend” or “fan” you’re a strong one- keep going!

Imagination Rabbit (Z)
Imagination Rabbit (Z)
Imagination Rabbit